DryDesign Adobe Photoshop Editing

DryDesign Graphics and Website design

What most website owners soon recognize is that Photoshop and image manipulation/ editing is a critical part of ones site. We have advanced skills that we use on a day to day basis to make the images fit, replace, resize, smush, to name a few. Not only can we work with static images but we can edit short training videos, … Read More

Wedding Website Design

A wedding website can include different sections depending on your preferences and needs, but some common contents to consider are: 1. Homepage: Welcome message, couple’s names, wedding date and location, and a photo or video of the couple. 2. About Us: A brief story about the couple’s background, how they met, and fell in love. 3. Event Details: Information about … Read More

Awesome Industries

This was a project built in 9 different phases including: Photoshop, Web design, Mock ups, Web design, Domain registration and hosting WordPress theme, Custom CSS. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google analytics, Google Ads and (Key Words, Key Phrases) These functions are all vital to any website business site and will be implemented when being built by Dry Designs.

Top Vitae Recruitment

We were asked to build this site with a tight deadline which would allow for recruitment API functionality. Top Vitae Recruitment provided all wonderful content, and we assisted with Logo Design and feel for the site. It was affordable and we continuously keep updates on all plugins and mods. The flow of traffic is easy to follow and the site … Read More

Home Of Spaces – e Commerce

Brief: To sell Home Appliances on an e-Commerce platform. Incorporate the latest technology and design principles. Solution: We are able to build in collection weights for each item, with a comprehensive e-commerce solution; and deliver products to any address in South Africa. For start-ups we would use Shopify for a stable easy to manage site. e-Commerce solutions – make updating … Read More