About Us

Design is our passion. We started building websites after hours, moonlighting, while trying to supplement our day jobs. Our first store was built in Shopify and was an eCommerce site selling hundreds of Home appliances. We soon realized that we wanted to get into web design in a more professional capacity and so the journey has begun with WordPress & open source websites. Our strength is that we care about the finer details. We project manage from start to finish and have the skills to complete any design phase. Websites are not just pretty documents but a means to growing and sustaining your current services, products or offerings.

Brendan Dryden

Website Designer

Brendan Started working on websites after building an ecommerce store in 2020 as lockdown started. The experience gained at that critical time was crucial and he realised that he needed to learn WordPress. It is by far the most widely used website design platform. The learning curve is extremely challenging and he realised that self study would make him better than the competition. His values are to help companies care about how they are perceived and to help maintain the back and front end of websites. His skills are supplemented by a high degree of mechanical engineering design. He also has a higher diploma in Business management. He has an Advanced certification in Photoshop editing. Google advertising Search campaign certificate. WordPress 3 in one Website design Certificate. His love for design and styling is his passion. He values Honesty integrity foremost. The type of customers he enjoys working, pay attention to detail, at the same time are flexibile to visual styling.